When was the last time you looked at the seal on your garage door? If the answer is “a long time ago,” then you should do it immediately. You should learn how to change the seal at the bottom of a garage door. One of the biggest openings in your house is the garage door. So, it gives off heat and can let cold air move freely through your house. Also, water and ice in the winter and trash can get in through the space under the garage door.

The above bad things can’t get into your house because of the garage door seal (threshold). But, like anything else, it needs to be changed every so often. Professionals can do this quickly, but it could take a whole day if you need to learn how to do it. 

Why is it important to Replace the Garage Door Seal?

A garage door seal is an important component of your door that helps keep out the elements, such as cold air, hot air, rain, and pests. When the seal is damaged or worn, these elements can enter the garage, which can have several negative impacts.

It is important to replace the garage door seal, also known as a weatherstripping or bottom seal, for a few reasons:

Energy efficiency: If the seal is damaged or not properly sealing the gap between the bottom of the garage door and the floor, it can allow cold or hot air to enter the garage. This can make it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the garage, leading to higher energy bills as you try to heat or cool the space. By replacing the seal, you can help reduce drafts and improve energy efficiency, saving you money on your energy bills. 

Water protection: A damaged seal can also allow water to enter the garage during storms or heavy rain, potentially leading to water damage or mold growth. If the seal is damaged or not sealing properly, rainwater or melting snow can enter the garage and cause water damage or even lead to mold growth. Replacing the seal can help to keep water out, protecting your garage and the items stored inside. Replacing the seal can help to keep water out, protecting your garage and the items stored inside.

Improved appearance: Over time, a garage door seal can become dirty or discolored, affecting your garage’s overall appearance. In addition to the practical benefits, replacing a garage door seal can also improve the appearance of your garage. Over time, the seal may become dirty or discolored, which can affect the overall look of your garage. Replacing the seal can improve the appearance of your garage and increase curb appeal.

Increased safety: A damaged seal can allow pests or small animals to enter the garage, which can pose a safety risk. Replacing the seal can help to keep pests out and protect you and your family.

Overall, replacing the garage door seal is an important maintenance task that can help to improve the energy efficiency, water protection, appearance, and safety of your garage.

It is important to ensure the seal is properly installed to keep out drafts, pests, and moisture. If you are uncomfortable replacing the seal yourself, consider hiring a professional to do it for you.


This guide will show you how to replace the garage door’s rubber seal without any additional assistance. 


You must first choose a high-quality garage sealant. It is worth learning how to make the right choice. It is important to measure the area. A tape measure is an option. If replacing the garage door’s bottom seal, you will also need to measure its thickness and length. You will need to measure the sides of the garage door if you wish to replace the seal around its entire perimeter.

You can now go to the shop to choose a seal. Rubber is the most common material used in modern seals. Rubber is an affordable material, so you can save money. It will last a long time, even if you live near a hot climate.

You should consider a different material if your climate is more severe and colder. Rubber tends to crack with temperature changes, particularly when the temperature drops. It can also reduce the seal’s life expectancy. It is best to choose the silicone version in this instance. Ready? Now you can move on to the next section of this guide, which will show you how to replace the garage door seal.


You must be careful when removing the seal. You should first check if the seal has been screwed on. Use a screwdriver if the seal is not removed.

1. How to replace a garage door seal made of stainless steel

Metal garage doors usually have a bottom track. It is possible to remove the seal in this case. Simply choose the side you want to pull out, hold it tightly, and then pull. If it is damaged, you may find it easier to pull it in two directions.

2. How to get it done if your door is wood.

Nails are the most common method to attach sealant. Move the garage door up and inspect it. It is possible to use glue in certain cases, but this is very rare. It is enough to remove the old sealant one at a time using a hammer or a nail picker made specifically for this purpose. You can also pull off the seal, but you could get unwelcome injuries.


We recommend that you pay close attention to this section if you wish to replace the rubber seal on the garage door.

No matter what type of fastening you use, we recommend installing a metal track. This will save you time and reduce the work required to install it. Why? It is important to use nails only to ensure all holes are closed with wood. Although this is a lengthy process, it is necessary to ensure that the new seal is strong and keeps water and debris out.

You can decide just to nail the seal once more, but you’ll have to do this again next time. If you purchase even the cheapest track, it will be gone forever.

Even if the sealant is reapplied, it is important to prepare the surface. Dust, rubber residue, and other debris should be removed. Use a brush to clean tracks. This will help you save time and effort when installing a seal.


You decide to replace the garage door rubber seal with a hammer. You should also pay attention to the size of your garage door rubber seal and make sure it does its job properly.

You must give your track a “U” shape seal. This is a tedious process, especially if the door needs to be in the right place. Next, insert one end of your seal into the channel at the track and slowly stick it inward. You will need to bend the seal to do this.

Slowly. Sometimes, the seal may become stuck. If this happens, you can go back and continue operating.

Once the seal is pushed into the channel, trim the remainder of the piece at the other end.


You now know how to replace a weather seal on a garage door and can lower it without worrying about moisture or debris getting through the bottom. You can also make your house and garage warmer, even during the coldest months of the year. You should take your time completing this task. It will take too long and cause injuries. Prepare all necessary tools for each step.

The list of tools you will need is also a little short. It includes:

You will still need a seal. Our guide will help you pick the right one.


Our seal replacement services are the most economical. Our skilled workers will replace your garage door seal quickly and efficiently using our material.

The cost will vary depending on how the sealant is fastened, the material used, and any additional services required. What is the cost of replacing a garage door seal? Contact us to get a price quote for your garage door type!


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