Team Taylor Doors offers the best garage door repair and installation service in Lee’s Summit MO. We are a well-respected and trusted company throughout Kansas City, Missouri. It is possible to get frustrated with your garage. Garage door problems can be frustrating. It’s not uncommon for others to be frustrated with their garage doors. You should pay for a garage door repair Kansas City at least once every ten years. The answer depends on the type of garage door you have. Also, you should look out for signs that your garage door may need repair.

Utility bills are something that nobody likes to pay. If your garage door isn’t repaired when it should, you might end up spending more. If you don’t have the skills and knowledge to fix your garage door, it is best to hire a professional. If your garage door isn’t repaired, you could be in danger of injury to your family or yourself. If you notice a problem, it is important to call us immediately. It’s a known fact that the longer you wait, the more costly it will become and how much it will impact someone.

Garage door opener problems are more than just annoying. They can make your home less secure. Team Taylor Doors can program your garage door openers in Lee’s Summit MO. By you or our Team Taylor Doors can program the opener. These are the basic steps to program a garage opener in Lee’s Summit MO.


You will need to find the “learn” button on the powerbox to program your remote garage door opener. This will connect to your garage door. These are the steps.

  1. Get a strong ladder and look for the button that says “learn.”
  2. One side of the power box will be opened and can be removed. This will allow you to reach the wires as well as the button.
  3. A small light will appear beside the button “learn” after you have pressed it.
  4. Press the main button on the remote for your garage door.
  5. The garage door opener will blink if your programming is correct.
  6. Close the power box to test the remote.


The same “learn” button that was used to program your remote can be used to program a keypad for your garage that allows you to enter a code that unlocks the door. These are the instructions.

  1. Click on the “learn” button and wait for the light to appear.
  2. After pressing “learn”, it will take you 30 seconds to program the keypad.
  3. At the keypad, enter the code you wish to use.
  4. Click Enter to see the garage door opener light flash.
  5. The light blinking means that the opener has been given the code.
  6. Close the power box to test the keypad.


Did you misplace your garage door opener remote? Perhaps you need to modify the code on your keypad. It is possible to reprogram an old garage door opener, regardless of the reason. Follow these instructions to program a replacement remote. The connection to your new remote will work regardless of whether the remote is lost. This means that nobody can steal your old remote or gain access to your garage.

Programming a garage door keypad is easy. To enter a new code, you can use the “learn” button. This will override any code that was previously entered. Follow these instructions to program a new keypad.

Team Taylor Doors can answer any questions about programming or reprogramming your garage door opener. You can always turn to our experts for help.


LiftMaster offers many garage door opener options. All options are available through Team Taylor Doors. There are two options: a simple opener with a remote and keypad, or a more advanced opener that connects to your smartphone. These openers can also include a security camera as well as smartphone connectivity. You can simply download the myQ app and use it to control smart garage doors. These openers are available to Amazon Prime members. They will securely deliver their packages to their garage. Smart garage door openers are also useful for protecting your garage and home even when you don’t have power.

Are you worried that your garage door will be open at night? Don’t worry. You don’t have to worry. Your garage door can be opened or closed from wherever you are.


Genie is another trusted brand for garage door openers. Team Taylor Doors now offers Genie garage door openers. Local customers can also get installation services. These are the top three residential garage door models, the TriloG, ReliaG, and ReliaG. These models are quiet and simple to use.

An adapter for network programming is available to connect to other devices such as an automated home security program. Get in touch with Team Taylor Doors to learn more about home automation and connecting your garage door opener. Genie garage door openers can be programmed with just one push button. They are identical to LiftMaster openers.

Need help with an old garage door opener?

Team Taylor Doors is available to assist you with garage door maintenance and repair Kansas City. We can help you program remotes and keypads as well as figure out LiftMaster’s smartphone application.

Our garage door services include:


Team Taylor Doors will handle the delivery and installation of your garage door. If you purchase one of our garage doors, our team can program your opener.

Team Taylor Doors can help with all your garage door requirements, including installation, repair, and maintenance services to ensure that your garage door is well taken care of. Whether you need a new door or garage door repair, we’ve got you covered with our expertise and professionalism.

For many decades, our garage door service has been trusted by Lee’s Summit MO. We also serve clients in surrounding areas like Kansas City, MO, and Spring Hill.

Because we are committed to quality and reasonable prices, we are Lee’s Summit’s top garage door company.

All garage door issues can be solved by us. We are here to help you with any questions that you may have at any time. To ensure that your garage doors and homes are secure, we offer 24-hour emergency service.

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