garage door opener upgrade can greatly optimize your home’s security and make coming and going even more convenient. There are several great options for this and Team Taylor Doors is happy to install them. Let’s look at all of the security, technological, and practical advantages of upgrading your home’s garage door.

Garage Door Upgrade for Security Purposes

Not everybody knows how valuable garage doors are when it comes to total home security. Getting a reliable door opener has everything to do with protecting your loved ones as they enter and exit through what’s usually the primary entrance to your home.

There are a couple of really big security enhancements that come with many door opener brands nowadays. You can get them with built-in cameras for effective surveillance. Plus, many of our brands come with motion sensors that help you detect intruders and turn on all the lights as they approach.

Another common misconception involves the locking features on garage doors. Many folks think they have to hit buttons to lock the garage, but the door opener doubles as a lock. Your garage door is every bit as smart as your car or other devices at this point. Of course, all of these items can now sync together, too.

Many Other Tech Options With New Door Openers

Then there are also lots of advanced tech options available. Garage door openers can connect to WiFi, enabling you remote access to it from anywhere. This is super handy if you’re gone a while and need to let a neighbor or somebody get into your home.

Do you live in an area that experiences occasional power outages? It could happen to anybody, and that’s why it’s nice that the newer door openers have backup batteries inside. Getting locked out of your house is a thing of the past with modern technology.

We see a big difference between your average, run-of-the-mill door opener and the new premium models. In the old days, the entire neighborhood would know you were home because the garage door opener announced it loudly. Today, you can get ones that are so much quieter and won’t wake everybody asleep.

Some Awesome Products from LiftMaster

You’ll notice on our website we have a section dedicated to garage door openers where we feature four products from Liftmaster. The LiftMaster brand fulfills all the tech demands we just finished discussing.
1. LiftMaster 8500w
2. LiftMaster 87504-267
3. LiftMaster 84501
4. LiftMaster 8365
If we spotlight the LiftMaster 8500, we’ll find one that features nifty motion sensors, quiet entry, and WiFi capabilities. It also comes with a solid lifetime motor warranty along with competitive warranties on parts and batteries. It supports any door weighing as much as 850 pounds, can light your entire garage easily, and you can control it right from your smartphone.
These are some of our favorites but feel free to check out even more options among these 5 best smart garage door openers.

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