you trying to locate a reliable Kansas City garage door repair company?
Well, look no further, because Team Taylor Doors is at your service for all your garage door repair needs. Granted, we don’t expect you to take our word for it. We want to show you some criteria you can use to determine whether you’re doing business with a reputable and professional repair company.

Signs of a Reputable & Professional Kansas City Garage Door Repair Company

We characterize professionalism by identifying three major components:

  1. In-Person Courtesy
  2. Online Web Presence & Credentials
  3. Communication.

Customers should never have to endure rude or pushy technicians for any reason. Team Taylor Doors trains all of its staff to smile and greet customers politely before getting to work. It’s never acceptable for a technician to just walk into your garage and start working without meeting you first.

Then there are company credentials to consider, including the functionality of the garage door. Google Reviews is one of the best resources for this because you can look up almost any company and find out what people think of their performance. It’s also really important to see that a company has a website, that clearly explains all their products and services.

Finally, you hear this all the time in business, but it’s incredibly true: communication is everything. Reliable repair companies, regardless of the service industry, will alert their customers if they’re going to be late or unable to honor an appointment. Good businesses separate themselves from weaker ones through transparency and client communication.

Red Flags for Identifying Untrustworthy Companies

While we would never want to assume a repair company was “bad” or blatantly unprofessional, it’s wise to watch for these red flags:
● Failing to notify customers when they may arrive late for a service task,
● Not greeting customers or forgetting basic, friendly decorum.
● Showing up in less professional clothing; no company uniforms.
● Not notifying a customer after showing a service task.
● Not having a company website or any social media marketing.
● Not possessing credentials like Better Business Bureau (BBB) endorsement.
● Having little or no positive feedback on outlets like Google Reviews or Yelp.
Again, sometimes a new company may not have each of these components in place, but these are usually red flags for inferior service. We encourage customers to ask plenty of questions before beginning a project or scheduling repair services with any company.

Online Presence Is So Important in 2022

We have to underscore the significance of an online presence for virtually any business nowadays. Reputable companies that have been around for any length of time should have a website or at least a listing on Angie’s List. These have become the minimum requirements for service and repair companies in 2022.
You can’t forget to check out social media also. The best service companies not only have Facebook and Instagram pages. They’ll interact with customers and address negative feedback. The combination of a professional website and social media is almost mandatory in this day and age.
One final caveat about online reviews – keep an eye on the volume and quality of the reviews. It’s impossible to eliminate every potential “fake” review. However, companies with many reviews (like Team Taylor Doors) won’t suffer from that problem as much. With the law of large numbers, you can count on a valid review score, providing a clear company profile.

Team Taylor Doors – The Top Kansas City Garage Door Repair Company

We want you to remember that you can rely on Team Taylor Doors for all residential services for every garage door problem.
We also possess all the positive criteria from this article. We have a 5-star rating on Google Reviews (with more than 400 reviews), BBB accreditation, several service recognitions, and more. Our technicians are always happy to get to the bottom of any malfunction, big or small, impacting your garage door.
Thank you for reading, and we hope you contact us soon to find out why we’re the most professional Kansas City garage door repair company.

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