There are several reasons why your garage door won’t close. It could be dirty, damaged, or some kind of mechanical problem. It can be a stressful situation for you, in particular, if the garage leads directly into your home.

Many things can go wrong with your garage door and once one part is not working properly will affect the entire door. With so many different components to your garage door, it’s best left to the professionals.

Steps to Take When Your Garage Door Won’t Close

It can be very distressing when your garage door won’t close. It often happens when we don’t have time to fiddle around with it.

Check Nothing is Blocking it

If you are backing out or pulling in and the garage door won’t close, just get out and make sure nothing is blocking it. There could be something in the way or it may have caught on to something.

This would be good news. Hopefully, there is just a box or a broom handle in the way causing the door to stick. If this is not the case, then you likely have a problem somewhere else.

A quick look around the door will give you an idea of what is wrong. You can try to manually open the door but don’t push it if it isn’t going to move. Try using the emergency release cord.

Don’t Push It

If your garage door won’t close, don’t try to force it. Giving it a good shove might be tempting but you could do a lot of damage to the door and a lot of other parts, as well.

Try to get it to open or close using your remote and then the keypad on the wall. If that doesn’t work, and nothing is blocking its way, then don’t yank on it, kick it, or use any excessive force.

This can not only cause a lot of damage but you could get injured. Garage doors are very heavy and depending on what yours is made of, may be near impossible to lift or move anyhow.

Secure Your Home

If you are up and out of work, you may need to leave it ajar. Make sure there is nothing that can get taken and make sure you lock the house with your valuables inside.

This can be very stressful, so if you do need to leave, ask a neighbor to keep an eye out or ask them to wait until the repair team can come if you simply are not able to stay there and wait for yourself.

Call The Experts

Even if it is something small that is at fault, you should always contact the experts when your garage door won’t close. They will examine everything, including potential issues with garage door repair, and find out what is causing the problem.

If you are unable to wait for them, leave them specific instructions to that fact and they can get it fixed while you are away. Make sure they have access to the inside of your garage if the door is only slightly ajar.

When Your Garage Door Won’t Close

It can be very frustrating when your garage door won’t close. If you are home late, try to block the space so animals or thieves don’t get in. As soon as you are able, call us here at Team Taylor Doors for help.

We offer 24-hour emergency service if it needs to be repaired right away. Don’t risk getting hurt and don’t risk making the situation worse. Call us.

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