New trends for garage doors are becoming all the talk of the neighborhood. You’ll want something that looks great, but also something that no one else has. Glass doors are a great way to show off your home! However, are there any downsides to having glass garage doors? Let’s find out!

Glass Garage Doors

Doors for your garage used to only be made up of metal or wood panels, but the tides have changed and modernized. Glass panels held in place by metal trim have become all the rage! The tempered glass can either be translucent or transparent, depending on what you want and what will look great with the exterior of your home.

The Pros

The first pro is that your home will look fantastic on the curb appeal factor. Customize your glass-paneled garage door to match the exterior of your home’s color, add a splash of color, or use it as an accent color to work nicely with the outside of your home. Having the luxury of customizing, you won’t have to paint the door, ever! Your neighbors will be jealous and want one of their own.

Another upside of these types of garage doors is that the glass windows will open up space in your garage. You’ll be able to utilize natural lighting, saving on electricity in your space. Your garage will look warmer and more welcoming, no matter what you use the space for, even if it’s just to store your car and Christmas decorations.

Lastly, glass doors are more durable than you might have previously thought. The tempered glass is just as strong as any aluminum or wood panels would be on your garage door. If you want more security, you can upgrade to bulletproof glass. You can get any type of glass you’d like! No matter what, the neighborhood kids won’t smash their baseballs through your garage door windows.

The Cons

Seeing as the glass can be very heavy, glass garage doors are unfortunately heavier than traditional aluminum or wood doors. There is a quick fix that your garage installer can help you out with to make the glass door possible. Talk to your professional before you decide to get this type of door.

Garage doors made of glass are going to be exceptionally more expensive than any other type of garage door. If you have that extra money around, go for it, but a lot of people won’t have that type of money to spend.

Insulation may become a problem with these doors. Unlike aluminum doors, glass doors do not come with any type of insulation in them. Meaning, glass doors probably aren’t the best to have in northern areas with a lot of snow and cold weather.

Lastly, you won’t want to add garage doors made of glass on a home that doesn’t have the right look for it. Glass doors may look spectacular on some homes, but some homes don’t have the style for that type of garage door. Styles like Victorian, log homes and bungalows will look wrong with this door type. Take this very much into consideration before you choose this door for your home’s garage.

Regardless of what your final thoughts are, talk with your garage installation professional before you make any final decisions on whether to get this garage door repaired or not.

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