A noisy garage door is nothing new. Most of them make some type of noise when they are in operation. But how much noise is too much? There are plenty of different noises your garage door may make.

There can also be plenty of causes for these noises. Some are easily fixed, and others may be more serious. If you are not sure why your garage door is making noise, call the professionals.

8 Reasons For This

Banging, squeaking, grinding, straining, scraping, any of these noises may be happening every time you open or close your garage door.

1. Door is Old

Even your new garage door will make a bit of noise, but as your doors age, the noise can get much worse. Even with proper maintenance, an older garage door just doesn’t work the same as it used to.

2. Off-Balance

Over time, or due to a slight accident, your garage door can become unbalanced. It may even look a little crooked if you stand back and take a look. This can happen from pressure, a broken part, or something in the mechanics.

You shouldn’t try to fix this yourself. These doors are very heavy and you could get injured or cause more damage. If you suspect your garage door is off-balance or off the tracks, call your professional garage door team right away.

3. Needs Lubricant

Many parts of your garage door need oil to keep running smoothly. This can include nuts, springs, hinges, and rollers. Hiring a professional to do maintenance on your noisy garage door can also help spot any other problems that may be more serious.

4. Something is Broken

With so many moving parts, a noisy garage door could be an indication that something is broken. A small broken part, like a spring or a hinge, can also lead to more issues and cause more damage the longer it is left unattended.

5. Rollers are Worn Out

Your steel rollers will last a long time, but they still need maintenance and they will wear down after years of constant use. If this is the case, you may want to consider replacing them, if they can’t be repaired or cleaned out.

6. Parts Have Come Loose

A noisy garage door could be due to some parts that have become too loose. This can happen over time and nuts, bolts, and other parts just get pulled away. This can be on the door, the tracks, and other fasteners that all make the door work properly.

7. Your Opener Needs to be Replaced

The opener for your garage can get worn down and start to make a lot of noise, which can also cause the garage door to make noise. Depending on the type of opener and door you have, this issue should be looked at by a professional specializing in garage door repair.

8. Dirt or Grime in the Mechanics

Over time, dirt, oil, grease, and other bits of debris can settle into the working parts of your garage door, causing it to make a lot of noise. Once certain parts get dirty, they can start to slow the whole process down and also lead to a noisy garage door.

Noisy Garage Door

Unless there has been an accident, if you hit your garage door with your car, the noise can take a long time to appear. Gradual noise isn’t always noticeable until it has become quite loud.

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