Do you want to know if it’s time for Kansas City Garage Door Roller Replacement?

If you are like many homeowners, your garage door is essentially a second front door. You likely use this as a main entrance to your home. An average family of four will open and close the garage door around 10 to 15 times a day.

While you use your door regularly throughout the day, there’s a good chance you don’t give them much of a second though – until something goes wrong. When this happens, you will wish you had paid a little more attention to the door.

One of the most common problems with Kansas City garage doors is damaged garage door rollers. The rollers are what allow the door to open and close smoothly and what attach the door to the tracks. To help avoid serious problems with the garage door rollers, you should have them inspected by professionals once a year and lubricated every three to four months.

While this is a great way to prevent issues, nothing lasts forever. Even the best cared for and maintained door rollers will require replacement eventually. Some of the signs it is time to invest in this replacement can be found here.

Violent Vibrations

Your garage door rollers are designed to help ensure your door runs smoothly on the rails when the door is opened or closed. As time passes, though, the rollers may start to wear. This can cause the garage door to vibrate – sometimes violently – when you attempt to open or close it. If your door looks like it will shake out of the rails, it is time to replace the garage door rollers.

Strange Sounds

If you hear loud or unusual sounds when you are opening or closing your garage door, this may be a sign that the rollers need repair, are damaged, or worn, or that need to be lubricated. It could also be a sign that they are rusted to the rails. If these issues occur, your door will not be able to run quietly or smoothly. Make sure to schedule a garage door repair before the situation gets worse.

The Door is Crooked

Have you noticed your garage door is not properly aligned? Does it continue to jump out of the rails? If so, it is probably a problem with the rollers. At this point, you should have them replaced.

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If you have noticed any of the issues above, you can check the rollers on your garage door to see if they are the cause of the problem. When looking at the rollers, make sure they are firmly attached to the shaft. The roller should never wiggle or have any type of play in it. It’s also a good idea to make sure the roller spins freely on the shaft. When inspecting the garage door rollers, you should look for any obvious signs of damage, such as signs of wear or cracks.

If you decide your rollers need replacing and need garage door repair services, be sure to call the professionals. They can handle the job quickly and ensure your door works properly.

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