If you ever find yourself locked in your garage during a power outage, don’t panic. Just because the power is out doesn’t mean the door won’t function. Most automatic doors are designed for emergency exits.

It’s always a smart idea to familiarize yourself with these safety emergency features when you have the garage door installed or move into the home. It’s not uncommon for people to be caught in their garage or outside of it during a power outage.

How to Open Your Garage Door During a Power Outage

If you are stuck inside the garage, here’s the best way to open the door.

Find Some Light

If you are stuck inside the garage during a power outage, find any kind of light you can. Use a flashlight, perhaps you have emergency lights installed, or just use your phone if needed.

Unlock and Unlatch

If you have latches or locks beside the door, make sure those are all opened or unlocked. Some may not have any, some may have a safety latch.

Disconnect the Power

Find the plug and pull it out before attempting to move the door. This is a safety precaution, just in case the power comes back on while you are trying to open it.

Find The Red Emergency Release Cord

The emergency release cord has a red handle and will be hanging from the center rail of the garage door track. This emergency cord attaches to the trolley, which is connected to the arm of your garage door and to the center track. Don’t use this cord unless the door is closed.

Pull The Cord

Pulling down on the emergency release handle should disconnect the garage door from the trolley. Then you should be able to lift the garage door manually.

Lift The Door

Slide the door up as far as it will go. Make sure it stays in place before pulling your car out. If it is just you, slide out when you are able to do so safely.

Close The Door

Once you are safely outside, with your car or just you, close the garage door again. If there is a manual lock or latch on the outside, slide it into place.

If You Are Outside The Garage

If you arrive home to a power outage and need to access the garage, you can also get in your automatic door manually from the outside.

Find The Emergency Lock

Assuming you have the key for your emergency lock, the lock should be located near the center top of your garage door.

Open The Lock

When you open the lock, pull out the tumbler. There should be a cable. This cord will engage the release mechanism, which will put your garage door into a manual operation mode.

Unlock The Door

There is another lock by the handle of the door. Open that with your key, turn the handle to open the door.

Lift The Door

Again, lift the door until you can safely get in or push it up as far as you can so it stops moving. Drive your car in, then close it all up again.

Call The Pros

In a state of panic or trying to hurry, you can damage the door, the lock, or the door can come off the trolly. If you have had problems getting it to work, or you couldn’t get it open manually, call your technician.

Here at Team Taylor, we can help fix your door, find the problem, or install a new door. We show you how your door works without power. Contact us today!

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