While a garage door is there to protect your belongings, it doesn’t mean you should ignore garage door styles. It should add to the overall style of your home and enhance it.

It’s a large part of the exterior of your home and style should always be considered, not just function. With so many options available, you can find the perfect style to complement your home.

Garage Door Styles to Consider for 2022

You spent a lot of time perfecting the exterior of your home, so you want to find a garage door style that will enhance that and add to it.


A colonial home and garage door are instantly recognizable and very popular. Clean, simple, and symmetrical, you can find the perfect garage door to offset your home and not look out of place or overbearing.

You can get windows or not, and you have a wide choice of materials to choose from. You can get your garage door to look like wood, without actually using wood.


For a more classic garage door style, the Tudor-style doors are also a very popular choice. These are often seen on stucco homes with timber accents. The doors can be made of wood, faux, wood, or other materials made to look like wood.

Add a window or two to add to the charm and give your garage doors some texture and depth. Windows allow in a bit of light if you use your garage for a workspace or living area.

Garage Door Styles to Consider for 2022: Ranch

Another popular choice when it comes to garage door styles is the Ranch style. There are many many designs to choose from here, so you will be spoilt for choice.

They have a simple design and are easy to make, so well within your budget. You can get them in any material, any color, and add windows, make them ornate, or keep them simple and elegant.

Raised-Panel Doors

These are very common garage door styles. Initially, the raised panel doors featured floating panels that fit inside a rail-and-style frame. But in the more contemporary version, the door panels are more often solid and are simply molded to resemble the classic original.

These doors are the standard look and that means they are widely available. You can get them in any martial you like and they can be made to resemble any other material.

Contemporary or Modern

If you are fitting garage doors for a modern home, you are going to want to find garage doors that match. These are often made as large slabs, with clean lines and are often more complex in function.

Available in any material, popular choices are tempered glass, wood, steel, and fiberglass or vinyl. Modern garage door styles can make a big difference to your home and curb appeal.

Garage Door Styles

Choosing a garage door involves a lot more decisions than many people might think. Steel is often a popular choice as it is less expensive than many other materials, it is very versatile, and it is extremely durable.

The color you choose will also play a big part. While white is a popular color, many people like to choose a color that matches various parts of their home, like the trim, and have it blend in with the color of the rest of the home.

If you need some advice or more information about the garage door style that is best for you and your home, contact us at Team Taylor Doors. We can help you pick the perfect garage doors for your home, your style, and your budget.

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