When discussing garage door springs in Kansas City, there are two types of spring systems. Extension springs or torsion springs.

These are the parts of the door that are responsible for opening and closing of the door. A broken garage door spring is the number one cause of a broken garage door. While this is true, it is also something that should be easy to see and know when repairs are needed.

A good way for you to prevent your garage door springs from being damaged or breaking is by investing in regular inspections or ongoing maintenance on a routine basis during the predicted lifespan of your extension or torsion springs.

As well as replacing them as they get closer to the end of their life cycle. It is a good idea to replace the springs with new ones earlier than necessary than to have them snap and potentially injure someone when they finally give out. If this happens, it can damage the door and result in a dangerous situation and possibly need expensive garage door repair.

Garage Door Springs Kansas City: How Long Do They Last?

Are you unsure how long your springs should last? Or if it is even time to replace them? While a general rule is that springs will last for 10,000 cycles or about five to eight years – This is going to vary based on the quality of the springs and other factors, such as regular maintenance and usage. However, it is a good way to have an idea of when they need to be replaced or when you might need a garage door repair.

Common Reasons Your Garage Door Springs May Break

There are several reasons that your garage door springs may malfunction or break. Some of these reasons include:

Garage Door Spring Age

The most common reason that a garage door spring will break is because it has worn out. Eventually, this is going to happen. The average spring should last approximately 10K cycles of being opened and closed.

If you are only going in and out of the garage one time per day, you will likely have to deal with a broken garage door spring at the 14-year mark after the spring is installed. If you are going in and out the door twice per day, you have just seven years. If you have a household full of kids who use the garage door as their main entrance, a spouse who comes and goes a few times a day, or a buddy that bring items in and out of the garage throughout the day, then the springs will wear out faster.

One way you can keep your garage door springs from breaking sooner than it should is by purchasing and installing high cycle torsion springs. These cost more, but will last about four times longer than standard springs.

Garage Door Spring Rust

Age isn’t the only factor that may cause your springs to break sooner than later. One of these factors is rust. Rust is quite damaging for torsion springs, which can increase friction on the coil and begin corroding the spring itself. Regular inspection and lubrication of your springs, along with prompt garage door repair, can help keep these important components of your door working properly and rust-free.

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