Garage door safety is important for everyone, but even more so for children. Kids can see the garage door and the remotes as toys. The urge to climb on it or use it as their castle door can be very tempting.

Garage doors are heavy and they can also be faulty. You and your kids must understand the potential danger when it comes to garage doors. Childproofing your garage should be a priority, especially with toddlers.

Garage Door Safety for Children

Even the best garage doors can become damaged or faulty. And even children who are warned about the dangers of garage doors can still be tempted.

Don’t Play with the Remote

Pushing buttons on objects is almost too much to resist for most kids. Especially when something magical happens, like a massive door opening up. It’s best to try and keep the remote locked in the car or safely put it away.

Do Not Climb on the Garage Door

Climbing or hanging off the garage door or the reinforcements on the door might seem like a lot of fun for kids. They must understand how they can get hurt by doing so.

Don’t Give Access Codes

Kids don’t need to know the codes for your access pads. They may use them when you are not around or give them to their friends. This could lead to several different disasters happening, let alone a security issue.

Don’t Touch Access Pad

The garage door access pad on the wall of your garage can also be very tempting for kids. Make it clear they are not to touch it. You can disconnect it, get a security cover for it, or have it set up high and out of reach.

Get Repairs

One big part of garage door safety is keeping the door safe. If there are damages to the door, first of all, let everyone know. Make sure people stay away from the door and don’t use it. Get the garage door repairs done as soon as possible.

Explain how the Door Works

Let your kids know exactly how the door works and all of its dangers. Point out the springs, tracks, hinges, and all the moving parts, their importance, and the danger behind them all.

Keep Garage Locked

Even if you use the garage as personal space, keep the garage door locked. Keeping it locked will prevent kids from getting it open and getting hurt. With the remotes and control pad also locked up, it shouldn’t be able to be opened.

Always Check Before Opening and Closing the Garage Door

Check and double-check the whereabouts of your kids before opening or closing the door. They can move quickly and can be underfoot in seconds. Kids understanding the dangers of the moving garage door and adhering to those rules are miles away.

Get a Quality Garage Door

Some of the best garage door safety is in the door itself. A quality garage door and operating system will have better technology and not be prone to malfunctions as often as a lesser-quality garage door and opener. Many door operators have safety features on them.

Regular Maintenance

Keeping your garage door in great condition will help with garage door safety. Have it inspected and maintained to keep it working properly and avoid anyone in the family getting injured?

Garage Door Safety

If you are concerned about the safety of your garage door, contact us here at Team Taylor Doors. We can inspect your doors, make safety suggestions, and help with any repairs or garage door and opener replacements that you may need.

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