Are you worried about how to keep mice out of your garage? Well, you should be. Mice can cause havoc in the home, but they love to take up residence in garages. They will chew through anything and everything to make their nest – from insulation to wires! Here are five ways you can keep mice out of your garage:

1) Use peppermint oil around doorways, vents, and cracks where mice might get inside

This peppermint oil will not affect you, your children, or your pets. It is safe to use around the garage door and will scare away mice in search of food, water, or shelter. Keep away from eyes – as well as out of reach of children and pets. Keep tightly closed when not in use. Store in a cool, dry place.

2) Keep your area clean to keep mice out of your garage

Keeping the garage clear of any kind of food will go a long way to keeping mice away. Keep the floor swept and free of debris and make sure you do not leave pet food out overnight either. Make sure that garbage cans are kept closed tightly at all times as well. Keep in mind that mice are also attracted to dead insects, spiders, and other mice, so try to avoid leaving these lying around, because they will only attract more mice to your garage.

3) Use mouse traps to keep mice out of your garage

If you know there is a problem with mice in your garage, then the best thing you can do is set up some traps, including near the garage door. Keep in mind that while you may catch these mice in your garage, not all of them may have originated there. Some might be nesting elsewhere in your home or outside, but if you set up a few traps you will be able to do away with the majority of them quickly and effectively.

4) Keep pet food indoors

Mice and other pests will try to get into dog and cat food dishes, so it is best if you can keep them inside your home in a sealed container. This way they do not have easy access to these lures. Keep in mind that mice will also come into homes looking for water, so make sure that there are no leaks or drips coming from sinks and faucets. Keep your garbage cans tightly closed at all times too, as this will also help to keep the mice out of your garage and away from other food sources.

5) Replace the Weather seal Around your Garage Door

Even the slightest crevice can allow mice to slip through and disturb the comfort of your home with their presence. Over time your garage door’s bottom rubber seal and external weather seal can become brittle and cracked — making it easier for these pesty creatures to knaw through and gain easy access to the interior of your home. We recommend at least every three to five years having your bottom rubber and external weather seal replaced for optimal protection from not only the outside elements but nature’s tint warriors.  

Keeping mice out of your garage is a serious matter. They multiply quickly and can cause havoc to wiring, insulation, and other things in the garage that will cost you money in repairs. Try out these tips and you will see that it is not that hard to keep mice out of your garage. Keep in mind that some of the best methods include keeping them away from pet food, and standing water, maintaining an uncluttered floor, and replacing the bottom rubber seal and weather seal on your garage door.

We hope these tips will help you keep mice out of your garage. If not, contact Team Taylor Doors for a free quote on installing new doors that can do just the trick!

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