Keeping your garage warm during the winter might seem like a big job, but it helps control the temperature inside your home. It also helps to protect your car and other belongings that are in the garage.

If you use your garage for more than just a place to put your car, then you will need to have it warm enough to work in. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to warm up your garage.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Garage Warm During Winter

Whether it is used for a garage to house your car or you also use the garage as a work or lounge area, it will be much easier to cope with it warmed up in the winter months.

Get A Heater

A small portable space heater will go a long way in keeping your garage warm this winter. There are several different kinds and are made especially for your garage.

You can turn it on or off when you need to and they don’t take up much space at all. They come in a variety of sizes and you can get battery-operated, gas, or electric.

Insulate the Garage

Adding insulation to the walls of your garage is a cheap and effective way of keeping your garage warm during winter. This will help keep the heat inside and will work well in hot weather, as well.

Every time you open the garage door or the door from the garage to the house, you lose warm air. With your garage walls insulated, there will be less cold air, to begin with, and the temperature will be controlled.

Tips for Keeping Your Garage Warm During Winter: Insulated Garage Door

If you are insulating the garage walls, don’t forget about the garage door. It’s a large area that can get extremely cold, depending on what it is made out of. The garage door is a wall anyhow.

You can get your existing garage door insulated or invest in a new one. Insulated garage doors will help a great deal in keeping your garage warm in winter.

Change Weather Stripping

If you don’t have weather stripping or yours is old, replacing it will help keep the cold air out. Make sure all windows and doors have weather stripping and caulking.

This helps keep cold air, snow, and moisture out. If it gets damp and then freezes, it makes it much colder and can damage the window and garage door frames. If you have windows, check they are for winter, as well.

Floor Coating

You can put insulation on the floor and cover it or get your floor coated.  The coating helps protect the concrete floors and stops them from getting as cold. There are different coatings you can use to keep your garage warm in winter.

It makes cleaning up easier, as well. The coating won’t allow grease or oil to seep in and there will not be any stains from gas, oil, food, or anything else that ends up on your garage floor.

Keeping Your Garage Warm During Winter

Regardless of what you use your garage for, keeping it warm protects it and your belongings. If you need your garage for more than just storage or parking your car, you must get it warmer so you can use it.

Whatever your garage needs, we can help. Contact us at Team Taylor Doors if you have any questions or need help getting your garage warmer. A cold garage can not only be uncomfortable, but it can cause damage to your home and belongings.

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