Are you wondering if a new garage door is necessary for you Kansas City home?  Here are 10 reasons why we think you should consider it.

10 Reasons Why You Need A New Garage Door

Home Appearance – A new garage door can do to a home what a nice pair of shoes can do to an outfit.  It can make all the difference in how it looks to people who are viewing it.  Though a garage door does not make or break a house like a pair of shoes does for an outfit, it definitely is one of the reasons a house has or lacks curb appeal.

Home Value – As they say seeing is believing, seeing a new garage door compared to an older unattractive door, will make would be buyers think the house is worth more.  If you are preparing to be in the market soon, then a new garage door will make your home appear more valuable and could be the difference when would be buyers are driving around trying to make a decision on what houses to consider and which ones to pass up.

Family Safety – most people don’t realize how heavy a garage door is until it is too late.  Older garage doors can present a risk that newer garage doors do not, due to new safety features that are in place with the latest doors. Newer garage doors allow you to protect not just your cars, but your family from injury knowing that you have the latest in garage door safety measures.

Security – Home invasions take place often through older garage doors that are not secure.  Newer garage doors come with the ability to be connected to the latest home automation systems.  These automation systems allow you to monitor your garage  via your mobile phone. Having a new garage door will help you feel more secure knowing you can operate it no matter where you are.

Insulation  – A new garage door will allow you to keep your doors weather proof and energy efficient.  Older doors that are not sealed will make your garage too hot or too cold and this will extend to whatever room runs along the garage. A new garage door will keep your garage sealed and save you money in the long run.

Less Maintenance – An older garage door will require new parts and repairs often.  Which can ultimately cost you more money.  A newer garage door will only require a yearly maintenance tune up to keep it running smooth.  If you have an older garage door, your just waiting for the next thing to go wrong, when you can avoid that stress and get a newer garage door.

Lower Insurance Premiums – As we mentioned before a new garage door offers more security to your home.  Enhanced security should also reflect on your insurance premiums.  Contact your agent and see if they offer a discount for additions to your home like a new garage door.  They may even be able to help you decide which garage doors will offer the greater discount.

Noise Reduction – Older garage doors can be extremely loud and at the same time allow outside noise to come through all of the cracks and panels of a loose garage door. A new garage door can eliminate the noise from both the door itself and the sounds coming from the street.

ROI – Not only is a garage door replacement affordable, it is one the best things you can do for your home to get an immediate ROI.   Smart homeowners know that investing in a new garage door will add to their home value whether they are staying or planning to move.

Tax credits and rebates – There are many local and federal programs that want you to have an energy efficient home and they are willing to offer tax breaks for home improvements’ that lead in that direction. There are private companies like Kansas City Power and Light that you can check with and see what credits they offer for more energy efficient home improvements.

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